The main aims of the National Federation of Cypriots in the United Kingdom are:

  • To lead and coordinate the UK Cypriot community‚Äôs efforts which are aimed at bringing about an equitable and lasting resolution of the Cyprus problem for the benefit of all Cypriots.

  • To help the Republic of Cyprus in its struggle to reunite the island, its people, economy and institutions on the basis of United Nations resolutions and the principles of international and European Union law so that the human rights of all Cypriots can be safeguarded.

  • To initiate and coordinate actions designed to facilitate the progress and enhance the contribution of the UK Cypriot community in all fields of British society and in British institutions.

  • To contribute actively to the development of friendly relations between Cyprus and the United Kingdom and to the enhancement of cultural, economic, trade and other links between the two countries.

  • To cultivate the idea of rapprochement and harmonious co-existence among all Cypriots irrespective of ethnic origin or religion.

  • To maintain close links and a regular dialogue with representatives of the British Government and British political parties and UK parliamentarians.

  • To communicate actively with the British mass media in order to promote the cause of a reunited Cyprus and the contribution of the Cypriot community to the social, economic and political development of British society.