Christodoulos Stylianou

Born in Avgorou, Christodoulos has been active in the UK Cypriot community since he arrived in London in 1958. He has been an integral part of countless community organisations and has worked tirelessly over the decades to advance the UK Cypriot community.

He was Vice-President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK from 1996-2013 and in 2013 became the first person and only person to have been appointed Honorary Vice-President in 2013. Christodoulos was a Secretariat member since the very first meeting of the Federation in 1974.

Other organisations that Christodoulos has been involved with are AKEL UK, where he was General Secretary from 1995-2012, and OESEKA, where he served as President from 1981-1996. He has been involved in Greek schools since the late 1950s. Christodoulos was also the Managing Director of the Cypriot Community Centre in Wood Green from 1982-2017.