Michael Kashis is the General Secretary of the Federation, a position he has held since 2017. He was previously Vice-President of the Federation (2011-2017).

He has been involved in Cypriot political party EDEK since it was founded in 1960 and is President of its UK branch, EDEK UK. He is also President of Neo Chorio Kythreas Association.

Mr Kashis was born in Neo Chorio Kythreas, Cyprus in 1940. He was the second son of a family of 5 children. He lost his father at a very young age. He studied at the Teacher Training College of Cyprus and qualified as a primary school teacher in 1961. Whilst teaching, he was elected as member of the executive of POED (Pancyprian Organisation of Greek Teachers).

In 1978 he was granted a scholarship by the British Council to study at Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh. He also has a degree in Philosophy of Education from the Institute of Education, University of London.

In 1980 he was transferred to the Cyprus Educational Mission to teach Greek to UK Cypriots. He served as a head teacher at various community schools including Moss Hall (1980-2002), Kingsbury (1980-1984), High Barnet School (1993-2013), Croydon and Leyton. From 1982-1992 he was the chief examiner of Greek Language (GCE and A-Level) at the University of London ULEAC examinations board.

He helped establish the Centre of bilingualism of Haringey Council where he worked with local schools as an advisor on children who had English as their second language (EAL2).

Mr Kashis is a church singer at St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox church and used to sing at St. Mary’s church. He is a keen gardener and loves ecclesiastical music.