Andreas Papevripides (UK) (President)
Christos Karaolis (UK) (Vice-President)
Kyriacos Papastylianou (USA) (Vice-President)
Costas Nicolaou (South Africa) (Vice-President)
Michalis Christodoulou (Australia) (Vice-President)
Nestoras P Nestoros (Zimbabwe) (Vice-President)
Costas Stamataris (Greece) (Vice-President)
Evagoras Mavrommatis (France) (Vice-President)
Christine Amygdalidis (Canada) (Vice-President)
Charles Kapnoulla (Australia) (Secretary)
Ninos Koumettou (UK) (Treasurer)

Email: enquiries@pomakcyprus.com


POMAK (World Federation of Overseas Cypriots) was founded to coordinate the activities and work of the Federations of Cypriots across the world. It’s aims are:

  • To promote the Cyprus issue in the diaspora by lobbying governments and politicians and in any other ways possible, until a settlement is reached, which will reunite Cyprus and its people.
  • To serve as the channel through which the Federations can present their views and problems to the Government of Cyprus and the authorities in an attempt to facilitate their resolution.
  • To coordinate the social, humanitarian, educational, cultural, patriotic or other similar activities of Federations members.
  • To subsidise, within its capabilities, where necessary or desired, activities of the Federations Members.
  • To provide advice and assistance to member Federations to promote their objectives.
  • To coordinate the efforts of Overseas Cypriots to provide moral, economic and any other kind of help to Cyprus.
  • To cultivate friendly relations between Cyprus and the countries where Overseas Cypriots live, establishing and strengthening cultural, economic, trade and other links.

The Federation’s that make up POMAK are: