The President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, Peter Droussiotis, today heralded the opening of Nicosia’s Ledra Street as a positive development that will contribute to a positive climate on the island and as a sign that real progress in resolving the division of the island may at last be possible.


“After 44 years, Ledra Street is again open to all Cypriots. That can only be interpreted as progress. It is not the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the very real threat of the Turkish occupying force on the divided island still remains, but we hope that this symbolic act will serve as a stepping stone which will lead to serious negotiations to reunite the country.” 

“Whether it does or not will ultimately depend on Turkey’s willingness to remove its army of occupation from the north of the island and allow the two communities to negotiate freely for a comprehensive solution that puts the interests of the island first.”

“We seek a solution based on UN resolutions and the principles of European and international law, which will bring an end to the continuing Turkish occupation and which will truly reunite the country and restore and safeguard the human
rights of all Cypriots.”