Member Associations

The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK is the umbrella organisation for a number of Cypriot community associations and organisations from across the UK.

The Federation’s member associations consist of: refugee organisations; village organisations; missing persons organisations; UK branches of Cypriot political parties; educational societies; cultural, professional, sports and student groups; and philanthropic organisations.

The Federation itself is a member association of the international organisation, POMAK (The World Federation of Overseas Cypriots).

The associations and information about them can be found below:

Full Member Associations

Affiliated Member Associations

  • Association of People with Special Needs
  • Anagenissi Student Union
  • Avgorou Association
  • Ayios Epiktitos Association
  • Ayios Mamas Troulli Association
  • Brent and Harrow Cypriot Association
  • Cyprus Forum for Labour
  • Diaspora Centre
  • Efedri Katadromis Association
  • EFEK UK (Students Union)
  • Friends of the Cyprus Paraplegic Athletes
  • Fulham and Hammersmith Cypriot Association
  • Greek Teachers Association
  • Islington Cypriot Association
  • Kalopanayiotis and Ikos Association
  • Lymbia Association
  • Nikitari Vyzakia Association
  • Paphos Association
  • Pedoulas Association
  • Pentayia Association
  • Theatro Technis
  • Trikomo Association
  • Yialousa and Suburbs Association