Marios Lagou (President)
Christodoulos Consolos (Organisational Secretary)
Minas Demetriou (Organisational Secretary)




DEKFA (also known as Proodeftiki) is a student movement that constitutes an integral part of the youthorganisation of AKEL. Its establishment dates back to October 1974, when a group of democratic and progressive students in Athens participated in the struggle against the military junta in Greece. DEKFA was founded to ensure that there was a democratic and pioneering movement that could fight for the demands of students. DEKFA is embraced by thousands of students at different places of study such as Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

DEKFA’s activity is multifaceted, based on the guiding principles and objectives of EDON (the youth branch of AKEL) and is dedicated to every democratic and progressive student that is conscious about the future state of Cyprus and its people.

Key actions:

  1. DEKFA consistently fights for the solution of the Cyprus issue; for a bizonal and bicommunal federation as defined by the UN resolutions, for the establishment of a free, independent, sovereign, territorially integral, federal, non–aligned and demilitarised Cyprus where all its inhabitants Maronite, Armenians, Latin, Turkish-Cypriots and Greek-Cypriots will live in peace and fraternity, regardless of ethnic origin, religion and language. DEKFA seeks and fights practically to achieve fraternity between Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots and rejects any ideas that promote division as a solution to Cyprus problem.
  2. An integral part of DEKFA’s work is fighting for a united student movement with common aims, principles and demands that respond to each and every student and their daily needs. The movement fights for is the fundamental right to education and work as well as the achievement of a better future without economic exploitation and social oppression of the youth. DEKFA is proud that it contributed towards the foundation of the Cyprus National Student Union of the UK (EFEK UK).
  3. DEKFA organises and promotes cultural, sport and environmental activities. DEKFA particularly promotes theatre, music and dance that illustrate and perpetuate Cypriot culture.