After 1974, Cypriot organisations came together under the umbrella of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK. The Federation is a symbol of unity for the community, working with all political parties to coordinate the activities of the UK Cypriot community.

Over the years the Federations activities have included:

Advocating the cause of a reunified Cyprus to the UK Government and Parliamentarians

The Federation has worked with successive UK Governments and parliamentarians to advocate the need for a free, united Cyprus and to remind the British Government of its historic and treaty obligations to the Republic of Cyprus, as a Guarantor Power.


Meeting with William Hague and Theresa Villiers


Meeting with Tony Blair

Representing the interests of the Cypriot diaspora to the UK Government

As the only official mouthpiece of the community, the Federation is proud to actively represent the interests of the diaspora to the UK Government on many issues including Cyprus’ accession to the EU, education, faith and more recently Brexit.

Raising awareness amongst the British public of the ongoing occupation in Cyprus

The Federation has sought to raise awareness the Cyprus issue amongst members of the public through public demonstrations, enlightening campaigns and social media campaigns.

Representing the interests of the diaspora to the Cypriot Government

The Federation has always enjoyed a close working relationship with successive Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as politicians across the political spectrum. Through this relationship, the Federation has advocated the needs of the diaspora to the Government of Cyprus

Celebrating National Days

As a community we do not want to forget our roots. Therefore, we have sought to commemorate the Cypriot struggle for independence of 1955-1959 and Greek Independence Day of 1821, working in collaboration with community schools.

Working in collaboration with other UK communities

The Federation has built close relationships with other minority communities in the UK (including Greek, Jewish, Egyptian, Armenian, Kurdish) to further common goals and objectives.