The Federation is a fully democratic organisation and holds its elections every two years. There are three main bodies.

Member Association General Assembly:

The Member Association General Assembly consists of representatives of all the Federation’s member associations. It meets four times a year and elects the Secretariat every two years. From the members of the Secretariat, the Member Association General Assembly elects the Officers and President of the Federation.


The Secretariat is elected by the Member Association General Assembly every two years. It consists of: 30 representatives from member associations; 7 ‘Youth List’ members (aged between 28 and 38); and 3 members elected by the Executive Committee of NEPOMAK UK. The Secretariat holds meetings every month.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of the Federation is composed of 12 members of the Secretariat. It consists of 7 Officers (President, 3 Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer) – who are elected by the Member Association General Assembly; and 5 members elected by the Secretariat. The Executive Committee meets at least once a month and are also attended by the NEPOMAK President; the NEPOMAK UK President; the Chairman of the Greek Orthodox Communities of Great Britain. Honorary Officers of the Federation also participate in Executive Committee meetings.