The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK is the representative body and acknowledged voice of Cypriots in the UK. It was founded shortly after the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 to coordinate the activities of the UK Cypriot community, which now consists of 300,000 people.

Main aims:

  • Represent the interests of the UK Cypriot diaspora to the Governments of the UK and Cyprus
  • Coordinate the UK Cypriot community’s campaign for a free, united Cyprus based upon a just and viable solution to the Cyprus Issue.
  • Advance the interests of the UK Cypriot community whether they are political, social, cultural or educational.
  • Promote the harmonious co-existence of all Cypriots.
  • Develop good relations with the British Government, politicians, political parties and media.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Federation’s member associations.
  • Enhance and accelerate the contribution of UK Cypriots in British society and institutions.

The Federation works closely with the democratically elected Prime Minister and Government of the United Kingdom, as well as the President and Government of the Republic of Cyprus to pursue its objectives. Over the years, it has successfully kept the Cyprus issue at the forefront of discussions by actively engaging with the UK Government, Opposition and Parliamentarians and maintains good relations with both. The Federation also works with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cyprus to promote good relations between Cyprus and the UK. In addition to politicians, the Federation has developed close links with local government, the media, and ethnic minority organisations, along with many other institutions.