Photios Kouzoupis (President)
Charalambos Christou (Vice-President)
Kyriacos Panayi (Secretary)
Michael Poumbouris (Treasurer)
Paulina Andreou
Zohra Arsalides
Eleni Christou
Eraclis Constantinou
Evanthia Demetri
Agathi Demetriou
Savvas Georgiou
Aredi Ioannou
Yianoulla Kleanthous
Chrysanthi Kouzoupis
Derman Sarachoglou
Aycan Sarachoglou
Koulla Soteriadou
Michalis Theodosi

Email: [email protected]


The Enfield Cypriots Association (ECA) is a voluntary unincorporated association.

The Association was formed in 1982 and worked in an organised, systematic, and successful manner up until 1994 when it gradually went into decline.

It was re-launched in 1998, with a new committee consisting of both old and new members, and was restructured to better serve the changed needs of the community for the benefit of all Cypriots of Enfield. The Association is unique in that it spans all age groups from all Cypriot communities and its work covers a broad range of services, events and activities.

The Association draws its membership from both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The Association had its own premises at Boleyn Hall but due to health & safety concerns ECA were forced to move out. After this setback, the ECA set the establishment of a Cypriot community centre in Enfield as its long-term goal. In an attempt to realise this goal, the ECA approached Enfield Council with a proposal to manage Boleyn Hall and use it as a Cypriot community centre. However, Enfield Council decided to keep the management of Boleyn Hall under Halls4all/Enfield Homes. In the end, an agreement was reached that enabled ECA to have an office and storage room at Boleyn Hall.

The ECA aims to maintain and develop cultural traditions and identity as well as to improve the quality of life of the members of the Cypriot community in the London Borough of Enfield. It aims to do this by:

  • Providing access to information, advice, training and education workshops.
  • Providing a place to meet and socialise.
  • Facilitating and empowering the voice of the Cypriot community.
  • Providing structured activities for the disabled, carers, elderly, women, youth.
  • Conducting outreach to identify users and clients.