Eleni Palazidou (President)
Kyriacos Panayi (Vice-President)
Savvas Georgiou (Treasurer)
Michael Antoniou
Photios Kouzoupis
Vasilis Panayi
Eleni Petrou
Charalambos Pitris
George Theodoulou


Union of Cypriots in England (Enosi Kyprion Anglias – EKA) was established on 18 December 1965 as a cultural organisation which aims to promote the rich and multifaceted history and cultural heritage of Cyprus. It promotes friendship and collaboration amongst all Cypriots in the diaspora (Greek, Turkish, Maronite, Armenian, Latin) as well as amongst all ethnic minorities in the UK.

EKA alongside other Cypriot organisations also works towards the reunification of Cyprus with Greek and Turkish Cypriots living in peace together for the common good. EKA campaigns for a solution that will reunite Cyprus, based on the relevant UN resolutions and High-Level Agreements.