EKON (United Cypriot Youth Organisation) was established in 1986 and is a broad, democratic, cultural and independent youth organisation. It aims to unite all young Cypriot students and professionals in the UK Cypriot community.

It’s objectives are:

  1. To secure a free, happy, and prosperous future for its members – and overcome and economic or social problems.
  2. To educate and cultivate a spirit of peace, democracy, progress and humanity amongst young people.
  3. To raise awareness of the current issues affecting young people and help find ways to overcome these issues.
  4. To organise healthy, recreational and educational activities for the benefit of the youth.
  5. To encourage the participation of young Cypriots in the struggle for the territorial integrity, demilitarisation, and reunification of Cyprus where Greek and Turkish Cypriots as well as other minorities can live together in a climate of peace and cooperation.

In order to implement these objectives, EKON has good relations with other youth organisations of different nationalities in the UK. EKON promotes the friendship and cooperation among young people around the world for a better future where peace, democracy and progress prevail.

Any young Cypriot aged 15-35, regardless of religion, can become a member of EKON as long as their political views agree with the principles and the objectives of EKON’s constitution. Only those who disagree with the objectives or whose behaviour undermines the principles and prestige of EKON are excluded from participating in the organisation.