Evoulla Nicolaou (Chair)
Susie Constantinides MBE (Honorary Chair)
Maritsa Tsioupra (Honorary Chair)
Nina Stylianou (Honorary Member)
Christalla Evdokimou (Joint Secretary)
Kikoulla Theodoulou (Joint Secretary)
Pantelitsa Petrides (Vice-Chair)
Bitsa Yenia (Treasurer)
Maroulla Adamou
Georgia Andreou
Soula Charalambous
Christina Christou
Mary Michalakis
Chrisoulla Minti
Soula Mitrophanous
Niki Petrou
Marina Skayia
Phanoulla Spyrou
Androulla Stylianou
Rita Theokli
Andriani Trimithioti


The Cypriot Women’s League (CWL) was established in 1952 by women who, without previous experience or help, came together to support women in the UK Cypriot community. The CWL aims expand horizons and knowledge and provide support for Cypriot women of all ethnic backgrounds and their families. It is a founding member of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK and takes part in its campaigns for the reunification of Cyprus through a swift and viable solution.

Our members range from young women to the women who established Cypriot Women’s League back in the 1950s and are now grandmothers. Mutual support and understanding is one of the organisation’s founding principles and continues to be one of its strengths.

We hold local, national and even international events. Some examples of events that CWL are regularly involved in are International Women’s Day and cultural events such as Saracosti (the beginning of Lent), as well as many charity events. Our events are designed to strengthen the identity and security of children, families and women who participate.

CWL leads or takes part in relevant campaigns and petitions for equality and human rights. We also regularly write letters and present petitions to 10 Downing Street, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Minister of State for Europe, MPs, and MEPs in support of the reunification of Cyprus based on a swift and just solution. We also cooperate with many other organisations, such as the CEDG, Special Needs, Leukaemia, and the Organisation of Relatives of Missing Persons.