Michael Kashis (President)
Vassos Ioannou (Vice-President)
Katinoulla Andreou (Secretary)
Costas Kashis (Treasurer)
Stelios Andreou
Andreas Fani
Sotirakis Demetriades
Andreas Zertalis

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Neo Chorio Kythreas Association was founded in the UK in 2002. The village association exists to maintain the village’s culture; promote cooperation between fellow villagers; provide economic and moral support to those who need it; and to assist all those displaced from the village. Neo Chorio Kythreas, which is in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, has been under illegal occupation by the Turkish military since 1974. The village’s symbol is an ancient oak tree that sits in the middle of the village.

The village saw a high number of its residents killed and still has 72 persons missing as a result of the brutal Turkish invasions of 1974 – this is thought to be the highest number of missing persons of any village. Every year, the association holds a memorial for those who were killed and prayers that the fates of the missing persons are determined.

The first migrants from the village to the UK moved in the 1930s and in the following decades many more people made the same migration. There are people descended from Neo Chorio Kythreas across the UK and notable communities can be found in London, Great Yarmouth, Plymouth, Manchester, Northampton, Cambridge, Weston-super-Mare, and Birmingham.

Neo Chorio Kythreas Association is a member of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK and its President, Michael Kashis, has served as a member of the Federation’s Secretariat and Executive Committee for a number of years. Mr Kashis is currently the General Secretary of the Federation. The association works closely with all other members of the Federation to achieve its commons goals.

The iconic ancient oak tree of Neo Chorio Kythreas – a famous symbol of the village