Moissis Adamou (President)
Andreas Georgiou (Vice-President)
Andreas Karseras (Secretary)
Christakis Neophytou (Treasurer)
Vassos Archeos
Kyriacos Constantia
Varnavas Demetriou
Kendeas Yiannis



The Achna Association was founded in 1972 to uphold to promote the interests of UK Cypriots whose origins are from the village of Achna and also uphold their culture. Love for the village of Achna and their fellow villagers (Achniotes) has driven the organisation to carry out its work and continue the work of the founders of the organisation.

The organisation’s work has benefitted more than just people from Achna though and its work has helped advance and promote the interests of all UK Cypriots in the many struggles that they face.

The village of Achna has been under Turkish military occupation since Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and many members of the organisation are refugees who were forced to leave the village and have not been able to return to their rightful homes. The Achna Association has campaigned since 1974 for the reunification of Cyprus and has supported the Federation in its efforts to promote a free, united Cyprus and ensure that refugees can return to their homes in Achna. The organisation has been proud to have had a significant number of members serve on the Federation’s Secretariat over the years and has contributed greatly towards the Federation’s work.

Monument dedicated to the refugees and missing persons of Achna.
Achna has been under illegal Turkish military occupation since 1974 and is now a ghost town.