Savvas Pavlides (President)
Martha Kontogiorgi (Vice-President)
Christakis Kariolis (General Secretary)
Aphrodite Georgiou (Assistant Secretary)
Paris Georgiou (General Treasurer)
Georgios Christodoulou (Organising Secretary)
Dinos Apostolides (Organising Team) (Youth Coordinator)
Diomidis Panagiotou (Organising Team)
Soulla Crouch (Organising Team)
Savvas Soupashis (Organising Team)
Leonidas Christodoulou (Youth Coordinator)
Koulla Partou
Savvas Gavriel
Chrysostomos Papapavlou (Honorary President)



Lapithos & Karavas Association was founded in 1985 as a result of the union of Lapithos Association and a group of enthusiastic people from Karavas and surrounding areas who did not have an organisation of their own. The organisation aims to bring together the diasporas of Lapithos, Karavas and the surrounding areas, as well as promote the customs, beauty, traditions and stories of the areas.

Since 1974, Lapithos, Karavas and the surrounding areas have been under occupation by the Turkish army. The organisation campaigns for the areas it represents, and as the rest of the occupied part of Cyprus, to be liberated from occupation by the Turkish army. It campaigns by raising awareness through cultural, social, charitable and religious means. The organisation supports the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK in its campaigns for the reunification of Cyprus and against the Turkish occupation. It also contributes towards the work of the Federation to advance the Cypriot community in the UK.