Neoklis Neokleous (President)
Tony Theodorou (Vice President)
Dr Savvas Hadjiphillipou (General Secretary)
Gokay Ucar (Assistant General Secretary)
Kyriacos Paschalis (Treasurer)
Avraam Christou (Assistant Treasurer)
Louis Loizou (Press and Public Relations)
Georgia Antoniou
Elenitsa Andreou
Yiannis Kashimeris
Theoris Theodoulou
Costas Paul

Email: [email protected]


ORMC (UK) was founded in April 1983 by relatives of Missing Cypriots living in the UK. It campaigns for the British Government to take a more active and responsible role towards the missing persons issue and ensure that . The organisation wants to see the determination of the fate of all who went missing in Cyprus during the periods 1963/4 and 1974.

Over 900 people remain missing since Turkey invaded and occupied 37% of Cyprus in 1974. The missing persons issue is a humanitarian tragedy that remains unresolved after all these years.


  • Coordinate the efforts of the relatives of the missing persons and all those who campaign for the solution of the problem.
  • Lobby people and institutions that are in a position to contribute towards determining the fate of the missing persons.
  • Inform the British public about the plight of the missing persons and the suffering of their relatives.
  • Collect and record any information that can help determine the fate of the missing persons.