Mary Helen Karaolis OBE (President)
Yiannis Chronias (Vice-President)
Nicki Elia (Secretary)
Andreas Gavrielides (Treasurer)
Kate Christoforou (Membership)
Andreas Joannou (Events)
Demetris Nicola (Community)
Maria Panteli (Legal)
Andreas Strongolou (Culture)
Andriana Maria Demetriou
Panayiotis Hadjipanayi (Honorary President)
Theodoulos Elia (Late Honorary President)



The Association of Rizokarpasso in Britain was formed immediately after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 which left approximately 1,500 ‘Rizokarpassides’ displaced in the unoccupied area and 3,500 enclaved in Rizokarpasso. There are now only 228 Greek Cypriots enclaved in Rizokarpasso, 48 of whom are schoolchildren. In 1974 there was an immediate need for urgent assistance and the ‘Rizokarpassides’ in the UK decided the best vehicle to help was the formation of The Association of Rizokarpasso in Britain.

From its beginning, in 1975, the Association has had regular contact with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Members of Parliament as well as the UN, EU and other decision making centres of power abroad. For 44 years it has actively campaigned for: the reunification of the island and people of Cyprus; the removal of all Turkish troops from Cyprus; the repatriation to Turkey of illegal Turkish settlers in Cyprus; the return of all properties to their lawful owners; the return of all the refugees to their homes and properties in safety; the abolition of the anachronistic Guarantor Status held by other countries; the full and effective investigation of the fate of all the missing persons. The Association has always participated in the National Federation of Cypriots campaigns for Cyprus.

At the same time the Association has provided financial support to the enclaved and other Rizokarpassides, as appropriate, e.g. providing a €50 Christmas present to each of the 48 schoolchildren in Rizokarpasso, donating to Melathron Agoniston and Radiomarathon, as well as making donations to Charities in memory of members, e.g. British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Great Ormond Street Hospital, North London Hospice.