The President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the United Kingdom, Peter Droussiotis, is this week calling on UK Cypriots and friends of Cyprus to demonstrate their collective commitment to a free, united Cyprus.

Mr Droussiotis is urging British Cypriots and friends of the island to remind Prime Minister David Cameron of the strength of opposition to Turkey’s continuing military occupation of Cyprus’s northern part, by joining a picket, march and rally in London on Sunday 17th July 2011.

The annual rally, organised by the Federation to mark Turkey’s military invasion of Cyprus in July 1974, is the biggest opportunity for the UK Cypriot community and friends of Cyprus to voice their feelings on the tragic and scandalous division which still plagues the island 37 years after the Turkish army invaded and occupied its northern territory.

Mr Droussiotis called for a renewed effort by UK Cypriots, saying:

“It is as important as ever that we demonstrate our support for a free and united Cyprus, as well as our opposition to the illegal Turkish military occupation. A solution is eminently achievable if the international community puts pressure on Turkey and encourages the right environment for a settlement. And our Government in the United Kingdom must be made aware that our community in this country will not give up on Cyprus.

“The ongoing dialogue on the island must not be allowed to break down on account of Turkish intransigence. The United Kingdom has particular obligations to Cyprus, as a Guarantor Power of the island’s independence and territorial integrity, to use its influence over Turkey to ensure that the latter works genuinely for a just and lasting settlement. Turkey must no longer block progress and that message must get through to Ankara. The Cypriot community in the UK must remind the British Government of its special responsibilities to Cyprus.”

Sunday’s actions will begin with picketing outside the Turkish Embassy in Belgrave Square from 3.00pm where a letter of protest addressed to the Turkish ambassador will be posted at the Turkish embassy. This will be followed by a march through central London to Trafalgar Square where a rally will be held at 4.30pm. A Federation delegation will hand in a petition to the British Prime Minster at 10 Downing Street immediately before the rally.

The main speaker at the event will be Cyprus Government Spokesman Mr Stefanos Stefanou. Numerous British Parliamentarians and MEPs will join Mr Droussiotis, as well as representatives of Cypriot refugee organisations and occupied municipalities in Cyprus, on the platform in Trafalgar Square to show their solidarity with the Cyprus cause.