The President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, Mr Peter Droussiotis, last night offered his warm congratulations to the newly-elected President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, adding that he, his Federation colleagues and the whole of the UK Cypriot community looked forward to working closely together with the new President and his Government in order to bring justice to Cyprus and the island’s reunification.  
Following the second round of elections, Mr Anastasiades, leader of Cyprus’s centre-right Democratic Rally party (DISY), won with 57.5% of the vote in a run-off against left-wing AKEL-backed Mr Stavros Malas who secured 42.5%. 

In a statement of congratulations, Mr Droussiotis said: 

“The Cypriot people have elected the Republic’s seventh President in a free and democratic ballot and have given Mr Nicos Anastasiades a strong mandate to govern for the next five years. Cyprus faces a serious economic crisis, as well as Turkey’s intransigence and continuing violations of the Republic’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by the Turkish army. In these circumstances, we call upon all Cypriots, on the island and overseas, to unite behind the new President and to work together in order to confront the many challenges ahead and, also, with a view to the development of the country’s natural resources in the most effective way possible. As with all democratically elected Cypriot Presidents in the past, Mr Anastasiades can be assured of the reliable and committed support of UK Cypriots, as part of a coordinated effort, involving the overseas Cypriots’ movement and our friends and allies in the UK and Europe, to deliver justice, freedom and unity to Cyprus.

“The UK Cypriots’ Federation, which brings together virtually all of the UK’s Cypriot organisations and which enjoys cross-party support, will continue to work hard in the interests of our community in this country and of a just and lasting settlement on the island, which will reunite Cyprus, its economy and institutions in a state with a single and indivisible sovereignty, single international personality and a single citizenship.

“I am confident that Mr Anastasiades will provide leadership and vision in the face of tough challenges, and my colleagues and I look forward to working closely with him, delivering Cyprus’s messages and an effective campaign for justice for Cyprus in the UK, to politicians, influencers and to our own community.”

Mr Anastasiades assumes the Cyprus Presidency on 1 March 2013 and succeeds the outgoing President, Mr Demetris Christofias, former General-Secretary of AKEL.