Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP, the recently appointed Shadow Minister for Europe, met with the President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, Peter Droussiotis on Wednesday. At a meeting in Parliament to discuss Cyprus and issues affecting the British Cypriot community, Mr McFadden expressed his intention to sustain the Opposition’s interest in developments relating to Cyprus.

Mr McFadden spoke of his party’s good will towards a historical ally and fellow European Union and Commonwealth member.  He also expressed appreciation for the Cypriot community’s economic and social contribution to British society. 

Peter Droussiotis conveyed the reassurance he gained from the meeting, saying: 

“The Shadow Minister has only recently come to this post but has already shown a keen interest in our community and in the situation in Cyprus. I left the meeting with a sense that Mr McFadden is determined to see through the commitments of his predecessors and to support UN led efforts to reunite the island. The UK must actively do more to encourage Turkey to stop it’s provocations in and around Cyprus and to adopt a more constructive approach. Britain is, after all, a Guarantor Power in Cyprus, and has responsibilities as such. The Labour Party in opposition must do more to hold the government to account in that regard.

“My colleagues and I look forward to developing a deeper dialogue with Mr McFadden in the future, not least in order to ensure that Cyprus is an issue of debate in the months preceding next year’s General Election.”