The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK calls on the Cypriot community to vote and make their voice heard in the General Election on Thursday 8 June.

Federation President, Christos Karaolis said: “The UK Cypriot community must make its voice heard during this election campaign. I urge all Cypriots firstly to ask their candidates to pledge their support for Cyprus; secondly to join and engage with the political party that is most aligned with their views; and most importantly to go out and vote for 8th June. I would also like to ask the community to ensure they encourage their friends and family to do the same.”

How you can help:

Vote for candidates who have demonstrated support for Cyprus

There are candidates standing for election who are supporters of Cyprus and our community. We must ensure that these candidates, from all political parties, are elected by casting our votes and having our voice heard. These candidates have asked questions and spoken about Cyprus in Parliament; attended and supported our events; actively shown that they support a free, united Cyprus based upon a just and viable solution to the Cyprus Issue; and have campaigned against the Turkish occupation.

We must also support these candidates, from across the political spectrum, by campaigning for them. There are ongoing campaign events for our parliamentary friends over the coming weeks. If you would like to join any of these campaign events, please email us at [email protected]

We call upon all Cypriots to go out and vote on June 8th to ensure that these candidates are elected. We must make our community’s voice heard and show our support for these candidates with our votes.

Ask candidates to pledge their support for Cyprus

Given the ongoing negotiations in Cyprus, this election we will also be asking parliamentary candidates to sign a pledge card on Cyprus:

We need your support to collect candidates’ signatures. Please contact your local candidates and ask them to sign the pledge card by emailing their support [email protected] and/or tweeting their support to @UKCypriotFed using #Vote4Cyprus. Draft emails can be found here and the Cyprus Pledge Card can be downloaded here.

We will be regularly updating our Facebook page ( as well as our Twitter page (@UKCypriotFed) with the names of candidates that have signed the pledge card on an ongoing basis. We will also publish the full list of signatures in community media closer to the election.

Write to your local candidates about Cyprus

We are also asking the community to write to local parliamentary candidates about the Cyprus issue and engage with them directly on the Cyprus issue. Draft letters can be found here and their contact details here.

Voting information

To vote in the upcoming election you must be registered to vote. Registering to vote is a simple and easy process; more information can be foundby below. You must be registered by Monday 22 May and you can register to vote by visiting the following website:

If you are unsure about which constituency you are in, the BBC has a useful webpage that allows you to enter your postcode and shows you your constituency, current MP and the results from the previous election:

For information on alternative ways to vote please visit the websites below:

Postal vote:
Proxy vote: