The #HandsOffCyprus campaign is in full swing with voters across the UK emailing their MPs about the latest developments in Cyprus as well as Turkey’s unacceptable demands towards Cyprus. As you can see from the highlighted map below, almost 40% of MPs have been contacted by constituents about Cyprus and many MPs are beginning to reply to the emails. Many people are sending the responses from their MPs to us and if you’d like to do the same please email us: [email protected]

Nearly 40% of MPs have been contacted by their constituents

If your MP hasn’t heard about Cyprus from you yet, then please take 30 seconds to make your voice heard using our automated form and pre-prepared letter –

Our community needs to make its voice heard on the crucial issue of Security and Guarantees and withdrawal of troops. We need our MPs to publicly speak out against Turkey’s unacceptable demands and insist that Turkey, once and for all, takes its hands off Cyprus.

We’ve made it simple to email your MP through our website: Our website will find your MP, their contact details and prepare a template email – it takes less than 30 seconds and can make a big difference for Cyprus! #HandsOffCyprus