High profile British Cypriots, including prominent entrepreneurs, financiers and philanthropists, will act as goodwill ambassadors for Cyprus in a bid to attract investment from Britain and Europe in specific Cypriot projects relating to business, culture and tourism. This was the message articulated by Federation President Peter Droussiotis after a four day fact-finding visit to Cyprus, which included meetings with Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus.

Mr Droussiotis was accompanied to most meetings by two prominent British Cypriot entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Stelio Stefanou and John Michael Mouskos. Among the people with whom they met were Kate Clerides (Presidential Commissioner for Overseas Cypriots and Humanitarian Affairs), Phidias Pilides and Marios Tsiakkis (President and Secretary-General respectively of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Christodoulos Angastiniotis and Charis Papacharalambous (Chairman and Director-General respectively of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency), Nondas Metaxas (Director-General-CEO of the Cyprus Stock Exchange) and Charles Ellinas (Executive President of the Cyprus National Hydrocarbons Company).

Peter Droussiotis said: “We had a most informative and productive series of meetings, which confirmed the absolute commitment of all key Cypriots on the island, from President Anastasiades down, to work hard in order to overcome the economic crisis which has engulfed Cyprus.

“As President of the Federation I have pledged our community’s support, especially in relation to the promotion of investment projects, which can enhance Cyprus’s image abroad and regenerate its economy in vital sectors such as tourism, services, education and culture and energy.

“I have been accompanied on this mission by Stelio Stefanou and John Michael Mouskos, two high-achieving and extremely well connected British Cypriots. Their participation is illustrative of the calibre of diaspora people who are keen to show solidarity with Cyprus at this critical time and highly symbolic of the moral support, as well as the practical contribution, that such people can provide in relation to the island’s vital economic diplomacy in the future.”

Stelio Stefanou said: “I am heartened by the calibre and degree of engagement from all of the people that we met including President Anastasiades and Archbishop Chrysostomos. I am also struck by the dignity with which the Cypriot people have handled the catastrophe that has been brought upon them. It will be a hard road, but their spirit of enterprise, hard work and resilience will ensure that the island will ultimately return to prosperous times.

John Michael Mouskos said:   “Seldom have I been so overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness, yet through all the adversity and hardship, I left with a great respect and admiration for those people who are facing head on the tough decisions required to move our proud nation forward once more.”

The meetings held in Cyprus from 14th to 17th April 2013 form part of an evolving dialogue between key individuals and organisations in Cyprus and the UK Cypriot diaspora, drugs online eu, aimed at promoting a positive image for Cyprus abroad and helping the island to stabilise and grow its economy.