Green Party position on Cyprus negotiations outlined by Michal Chantkowski and Alice Hubbard (International Coordinators) and Jessica Northey (former International Coordinator):

The Green Party welcomes the appointment of the UN Special Envoy on Cyprus, Ms Jane Holl Lute and is supportive of all actors in the challenge of achieving successful negotiations towards a united Cyprus and a peaceful future for all Cypriots.

We support the re-unification of the island as a bi-communal, unified state which represents all communities in Cyprus. We urge the UK to support this process and to recognise the importance of this particular opportunity to restart negotiations, while engaging with leaders of both communities- those of the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot community. The process of exiting the European Union must not detract from other international priorities such as the opportunity to work for a peaceful and united Cyprus.

Standing for the principles of non-violence and anti-colonialism, the Green Party supports a demilitarized Cyprus without foreign troops on its soil. As a member of the European Union, a unified Cyprus would not need a system of guarantor powers, which is an outdated concept, and the British Government should publicly call for the Treaty of Guarantee to be abolished. In recognition that only the Republic of Cyprus is currently an EU member state, Green Party recognises that the United Nations is the best arena in which Cyprus’ security can be ensured. The role of guarantor powers, currently, Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom should cease.

We support the rights of refugees to return, as required by international law, and insist on the importance of finding meaningful solutions for those who were internally displaced, to return or be compensated as part of the peace negotiations. We also urge the international community, particularly countries which benefit from the skills and labour of the Cypriot diaspora such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia and South Africa to participate in the reflection about they can also support the process and offer compensation for those who lost their land on both sides. Compensation, through financial support and investing in peace, rather than military solutions, we believe would be a just approach from the international community, which will help the people of Cyprus in the upcoming negotiations and in sustaining the future peace.

We furthermore recall the proposal of the European Greens to designate and declare the city of Famagusta as a model city under EU supervision, as a joint and common pursuit of the Greek and Turkish side until a comprehensive solution for the Cyprus problem has been enacted. This proposal can only be implemented with the consent of both communities inhabiting the Island of Cyprus.”