After Turkey’s recent statements about illegally reopening Varosha, the UK Government have reaffirmed their clear support for the relevant UN Security Council resolutions (2537, 550 & 789) in a letter to the APPG for Cyprus (pictured below). Wendy Morton, Minister for the European Neighbourhood and the Americas, said that UK officials have “made clear our concerns on the issue of Varosha to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara”. The letter also said that the UK Government believes that “an enduring settlement is the best chance of resolving complex issues, including the situation in Varosha.”
The Opposition, in a statement to the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, have described Turkey’s statements as “inflammatory and detrimental” and said that any actions on Varosha must be in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions. They also said that they urge the UK Government, “as the penholder for Cyprus at the United Nations… to play a leading part in ensuring UN resolutions are upheld”. The Opposition statement was provided by Fabian Hamilton, Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament.
UN Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789 explicitly call on Turkey to give control of Famagusta to the UN so that the town’s lawful residents can return.

Minister for Europe’s response to the APPG for Cyprus’ letter regarding Varosha

Labour Party statement on Varosha