We are delighted to announce that, in cooperation with our Member Associations, we have established the UK Cypriot Professionals Network to provide mentoring, CV reviews, networking opportunities and other helpful resources, for Cypriot professionals in the UK, of levels and across multiple industries.

It was recently announced that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen ~700,000 workers lose their jobs, with young people hit particularly hard. Therefore, we’ve worked hard to rapidly establish a new platform that will provide much needed support and resources.

This all-community effort will require everyone’s involvement to succeed. So, we’re looking for mentees who want to take their career to the next level, as well as mentors who want to help the next generation of UK Cypriots excel. Please do take the time to register (its quick and simple!). For more information visit the platform (https://cypriotfederation.org.uk/ukcpn/) or get in touch if you have any questions [email protected]

Register as a mentee

Register as a mentor