The Cyprus Medical Society UK (CMS UK), under the auspices of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, held an online interview with top psychologist, Dr Linda Papadopoulos, on Sunday 7th February 2021. The interview was co-hosted by CMS UK’s Secretary Ifigenia Mantrali, Medical Student Representative Efthymia Theodorou, and the President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, Christos Karaolis. H.E. the High Commissioner of Cyprus to the UK, Andreas Kakouris, was also present and gave closing remarks to the event.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos is one of Britain’s best known psychologists and deals with a wide variety of issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing. Her work has been published in top academic journals and lead to a high-profile media career. She regularly comments on the psychology behind news and current events as well as everyday challenges that people face in their lives.

During the interview, Dr Papadopoulos gave useful insights and very practical advice on topics such as coping with lockdown, working from home, social media, pressure on young people, body image, diet.

The interview can be viewed by clicking here