The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK urges each member of our community to go out and vote in the local elections taking place on Thursday 6th May.

The map above shows the elections that are taking place. There are elections for the Mayor of London and the Greater London Assembly, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Senedd, regional mayors, and local councils across England. If you are unsure about the elections taking place where you live, or who your local representatives are, you can look them up using the search bar on:

If you know of any UK-Cypriots who are standing for election, please do encourage them to get in touch with us by email: [email protected]

Ahead of the elections, Federation President Christos Karaolis said: “Despite the challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought upon us, the UK Cypriot community must make its voice heard in the upcoming Local and Regional election campaign. I urge everyone in the community to go out to vote and also join and actively support the political party that is best aligned with their own views. Please also remind and encourage your friends and family to do the same.”

Useful information:

It is important that the UK Cypriot community goes out to vote on Thursday 6 May. If the Cypriot community exercises its vote, politicians will take notice and do more to help our community. Our vote is our voice!