Thank you for taking the time to email your MP about the latest developments on the Cyprus issue and Turkey’s illegal partition plans for the island. Now that Turkey is actively pushing for the permanent partition of the island, we need British MPs to speak up and call for an end to the Turkish occupation of Cyprus and for the reunification of the island. By emailing your MP, you can make a difference by ensuring that they understand how important the Cyprus issue is to you.
If you haven’t yet emailed your MP yet, it’s not too late to do so. YOUR voice needs to be heard, and our community needs you to play your part. Click here to email your MP in less than 30 seconds
Over the last three weeks, thousands of people across the UK have emailed their MP about Cyprus. Over 59% of MPs have heard from their local constituents on the issue. MPs from John o Groats all the way down to Somerset have received emails about the latest developments in Cyprus.
We’ve seen a large number of positive responses from MPs reiterating their unequivocal support for a reunited Cyprus, showing just how effective emailing your MP is. If you’ve also received a response from your MP about the Cyprus issue, feel free to share it with us via [email protected]
What can I do?
As more and more UK Cypriots email their MPs, now is the time to make sure that you, your family and your friends have made their voices heard. We have created a user-friendly email template (which you can amend), on our website (, allowing you to automatically email your local MP in just 30 seconds. Our message is simple: reunification in line with UN resolutions is the only solution for Cyprus to end Turkey’s continued illegal occupation. We want peace not partition.
British MPs, must speak out against Turkey’s illegal actions in Cyprus. They, and the UK Government, must unequivocally tell Turkey to take its #HandsOffCyprus.