The National Federation urges every UK Cypriot to vote for candidates of Cypriot origin, and those who have demonstrated their support for our community and the reunification of Cyprus, regardless of their political party, in the upcoming local elections taking place across the UK on Thursday 5th May 2022.

Where are elections taking place?
In England, there are elections for over 4,000 councillors in 146 councils. This includes all 32 London boroughs, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and many more councils.

In Wales and Scotland, elections are taking place to elect all councillors in all local authorities. Whilst in Northern Ireland, elections are being held for the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm. In many local elections, you may cast votes for multiple candidates from any party, so be sure to check the rules in your area.

Every UK Cypriot voice matters
As a community, we should all do our utmost to support and vote for UK Cypriot candidates, as well as those who have demonstrated their support for our community. These are the individuals who best understand the issues that affect us and, if elected, would be in the best position to help us at a local level. We also encourage you to actively support these candidates in their election campaign (e.g. canvassing) over the coming week, if you have time.

With a strong presence in many of the local authorities where elections are being held, our community can really make an impact and have our voice heard if we go to vote. Please urge your family members, friends and neighbours to vote on Thursday 5th May 2022.

You can make a difference by assuring candidates that knock at your door that you will vote. In turn, you should ask for their help advocating for our community.

Who are the candidates in my area?
You can find the candidates in your area at:

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the upcoming local elections or to let us know if a UK Cypriot is standing in your area.