The Federation’s annual #HandsOffCyprus email campaign concluded with thousands of British constituents emailing their local MPs about the Cyprus issue and the latest developments. Voters in 62% of constituencies (see map) emailed their MP to ask that they use their voice to advocate for a just solution to the Cyprus issue and to firmly oppose Turkey’s partition plans. Many MPs have replied to the emails with clear positions on the Cyprus issue, expressing their support for a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal solution to the Cyprus issue, as outlined by the UN framework.

Federation President Christos Karaolis said that the #HandsOffCyprus campaign had “once again demonstrated that people across the UK, from all regions and all walks of life, demand justice for Cyprus. By participating in this campaign, they have made clear that they want to see their elected representatives stand up for Cyprus and do more to hold Turkey to account for its illegal actions violations of international law. The UK Cypriot community’s voice is more powerful when we’re united and coordinated, and we’ll never stop working hard to bring justice to our beloved Cyprus.”