The Strategic Planning Committee of the London Borough of Barnet unanimously approved the amended planning application for St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox Secondary School at their 12th July meeting.  Barnet Planning Officers supported the application, Stelios Stylianou from the Department for Education and Charles Mills from Daniel Watney Planning Agents spoke in support of the application and there were no speakers against.  All 9 Barnet Committee Councillors, from all political parties, voted in favour of the application, which was approved unanimously.  These revised plans, produced by the DfE and their chosen builder, Bowmer & Kirkland, will provide the students in September 2024 with a new well designed, purpose built secondary school, which is what they deserve to be educated in.

The school, which opened in 2013 currently uses converted office buildings. The students are receiving an excellent education and its first and second year intake students are now studying at a number of universities. The current 6th form students are hoping to start at various universities this Autumn including Oxford, Cambridge and Leicester Medical School.