This July marks 49 years since Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of more than a third of Cyprus, leaving the country forcefully divided. Thousands of Cypriots lost their lives, more than 170,000 were displaced and 972 people remain missing to this day.

July also marks 16 months since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine which has rightfully been met with condemnation by the international community. Invasions and occupations must be condemned equally, irrespective of when they occur.

Just as the UK lead the international response against Russia, it must do the same against Turkey. Following the elections in Cyprus and Turkey this year, we now have a fresh opportunity to end decades of occupation and to re-unite Cyprus, ensuring that Turkey keeps its #HandsOffCyprus.

As one of Cyprus’ guarantor powers and a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council, the UK Government and MPs have a unique, and historic, duty to stand up for Cyprus and oppose actions that seek to undermine its sovereignty and territorial integrity. This campaign is an important reminder to our own MPs that they have constituents who care passionately about Cyprus and want to see the end of the occupation and its reunification in line with UN resolutions. Last year thousands of people got in touch with their MP and it is important that we make our voice heard once again

What can I do?

Now is the time to make your voice heard – write to your MP and ask them to speak up for a free and united Cyprus. You can do this by filling out our brief form at that generates an email for you to send to your local MP – it takes less than 30 seconds!