Tomorrow, July 4th, the UK will be holding a General Election. Make your voice heard on the day by exercising your vote at the ballot box and remind your family and friends do so as well.

Federation President Christos Karaolis said: “UK Cypriots have contributed to each and every facet of British life and it is up to us to make sure that we have a say in the nation’s future. In our case, there is a future where the UK can become a leading force in the resumption of negotiations to achieve a free, united Cyprus. Many candidates have traveled on parliamentary visits to Cyprus, asked questions and spoken about Cyprus in Parliament, attended our community events and have actively shown their support for a free, united Cyprus, as well as campaigned against the Turkish occupation. A number of these candidates have also signed our Cyprus Pledge Card. I urge you to consider supporting those who support us. It is crucial that the Cypriot communities goes out to vote, because our vote is our voice!”

Useful information:

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 4 July

Find your polling station, prospective parliamentary candidates and constituency:


Election messages to our community from UK political parties 

We know that members of our community will be weighing up several factors to decide how to vote in the General Election tomorrow. Therefore, the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK has asked UK political parties for their messages to our community. Here’s what they said:

The Conservative Party’s Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, Lord David Cameron:

“We have a thriving community of more than 300, 000 Cypriots here in the UK and I hugely value your rich contribution to our national life across so many different areas. 

The UK has long had a close relationship with Cyprus and I’m proud that this Conservative government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Cyprus to take our partnership to the next level. Through this agreement we will enhance research collaboration between our universities and boost opportunities for trade in areas like professional services and shipping.

Under a Conservative Government, the UK will continue to support Cypriots in their efforts to secure a just and lasting settlement and in accordance with the existing UN parameters of a bizonal, bicommunal federation, with political equality. We recognise the right of the Republic of Cyprus to benefit from its exclusive economic zone and will work to deepen ties.”

The Labour Party’s Shadow Europe, North America and UKOTs Minister, Stephen Doughty

“I am proud that the UK has a vibrant and diverse Cypriot community as well as close, historic and strategic links with Cyprus and I would like to begin by making clear that a Labour Government, would work assiduously to strengthen and deepen these ties.

This is of course a critical and challenging year for all Cypriots during the 50th anniversary.

Not least given the UK’s role as a guarantor power, a Labour Government would work with all parties and regional allies to build the foundations for a lasting settlement of the Cyprus issue based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation, in line with relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of the political equality of all communities.

The appointment of the U.N. Secretary General’s Personal Envoy for Cyprus, has given a new impetus to this process and I am delighted to have already met with her to discuss how the UK can play its part.

I have also met with Greek and Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus and in the UK on many occasions and I am clear that we should renew diplomatic efforts to reach a solution and secure lasting peace.

Labour will always advocate for the security, sovereignty and prosperity of Cyprus.

For 50 years now, the people of Cyprus have been divided. We must, once again, bring together the people, communities and histories of the Island and ensure that the next generation of Cypriots do not grow up under the division of the last 50 years.”

The Liberal Democrats’ Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs & International Development and Science, Innovation & Technology, Layla Moran

“The Liberal Democrats believe that Cyprus will best succeed as an independent and reunited state on the basis of reconciliation and equality for the fundamental rights of both the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. We call for the two communities to reach an agreement on the reunification of Cyprus; we believe that the internationally recommended model of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality, with a federal government with single international sovereignty and citizenship, is the best way to achieve this.

A solution should be in line with UN Security Council resolutions, and High Level agreements. It must respect the rule of law and the fundamental rights of all Cypriots. We believe that positive engagement between the two sides and communities should be the first step to mutually acceptable agreement on the security needs of both Cypriot communities. We therefore urge all parties to seek a just and sustainable resolution to this long-running dispute which has caused such misery over so many years. The resolution of other long-standing disputes round the world must serve as beacons of hope for all.”


Cyprus Pledge Card – #HandsOffCyprus 2024

During this election period the National Federation of Cypriots has focused this year’s #HandsOffCyprus e-campaign on asking Parliamentary candidates to sign our Cyprus Pledge Card to raise the profile of Cyprus. We would like to thank the thousands of you who have helped to make this campaign a success by emailing your local candidates about the Cyprus Pledge Card. Our campaign has had an extraordinary response from candidates across the political spectrum and the country. If you received responses from your candidates, please do send to us at [email protected]

Here is a complete list of the 95+ candidates who have signed and/or stated their support for Cyprus based on the points expressed in the Cyprus Pledge Card. On behalf of the UK Cypriot diaspora we would like to express our deepest gratitude to those candidates who have demonstrated their support – they are deserving of our community’s vote!


Demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy – Saturday 20 July 2024

On the tragic 50th anniversary of Turkey’s illegal invasion and continued occupation of Cyprus, join us outside the Turkish Embassy on July 20th at 18:30 to call for:

  • A free, united Cyprus for the benefit of all Cypriots
  • The end of the Turkish occupation of 37% of the island and 57% of its coastline
  • The withdrawal of the occupying Turkish troops
  • The end of the outdated system of guarantees that have failed Cyprus in the past

Location: Outside the Turkish Embassy, 43 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PA.

Time: From 6.30-8.30pm.