Dr Nicolas Galazis (Co-President)
Dr Savvas Hadjiphilippou (Co-President)
Dr Athina Mavrou (Treasurer)
Dr Ifigenia Mantrali (Secretary)
Dr Myria Galazi (Academic Representative)
Marios Nicolaides (Press Officer)
Efthymia Theodorou (Medical Student Representative)
Constantinos Simillis
Dr Perla Eleftheriou

Twitter/Facebook: @cymedsoc
Instagram: @cyprusmedicalsocietyuk


The Cyprus Medical Society UK is a platform to bring together Cypriot doctors working in the UK. The aim is to provide support, enhance the collaboration and professional development of Cypriot healthcare professionals and medical students in the UK.

The CMS UK aims to formalise and establish a network of Cypriot doctors of all grades and medical students who are currently practising in the UK. The CMS UK aims to promote clinical and scientific excellence through a common vision of shared knowledge and expertise ultimately improving patient care. Furthermore, we hope to inspire future generations in benefiting from the excellent clinical and academic training within the United Kingdom in addition to supporting each other through the challenges that lay ahead and through the ever-evolving field of medicine. Finally, through collaboration and partnership with organisations and institutions between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Cyprus we aim to forge long lasting ties that will benefit both countries.

Since the establishment of the NHS in 1948, Cypriots have played an important role in the development of scientific and clinical practice in the UK. Cypriots have always served key positions within the NHS, spearheading innovation and medical advancement. Moreover, hundreds of Cypriots have trained in the UK before repatriating to Cyprus, sharing their expertise with their fellow Cypriots and the Cypriot society. Our vision is to create a thriving community of Cypriot doctors who are practising in the UK.