2019 - 1

Our Open Letter

Sir Mark Rowley, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, London SW1A 2JL

The Metropolitan Police, consistent with His Majesty’s Government, has a clear position regarding the non-recognition of the illegal regime that occupies one-third of the island of Cyprus. Moreover, the Metropolitan Police has a fundamental responsibility to uphold the rule of law. Therefore, it is disappointing that not only has the Metropolitan Police repeatedly failed to implement its own policy position, it has also failed to uphold the rule of law, by allowing the flag of the illegal secessionist regime to be repeatedly displayed in its communications. This flag violates UN Security Resolutions (by “facilitating” secession), as well as British Government policy and is a symbol of hurt and pain for many Cypriots who were forcibly evicted from their homes following the Turkish invasion in 1974.

When the Enfield Metropolitan Police Service posted a picture of this secessionist flag on its Twitter on Sunday 17 June 2018, in a subsequent investigation, Superintendent Mehtab, assured our community that this would not happen again saying: “I will offer an apology on behalf of the MPS. In relation to this incident there is a clear need for Learning & guidance to be given by the MPS in relation to displaying of the said flag by police whilst on duty with MPS”.

It is therefore deeply frustrating and concerning that the illegal secessionist flag of the so-called “trnc” has appeared, once again, on the Metropolitan Police’s social media, in March 2023.

It is therefore no surprise that in a recent report, Baroness Casey stated that work needs to be done to build trust with London’s communities. The Report makes clear that “Public respect has fallen to a low point” and that “The Met has yet to free itself of institutional racism.” The MPS turnaround plan highlights the need to “raise standards & show communities we care & respect them”. First and foremost, to raise standards and to show respect and care, the Met Police must uphold international and domestic law, as well as its own and British Government policy. Sadly, the repeated displays of this secessionist flag demonstrate that the MPS is failing to show our Cypriot community that it cares for, and respects, it.