This July marks 45 years since Turkey illegally invaded and occupied over a third of Cyprus. You can help end 45 years of pain by taking 30 seconds to call on Turkey to take its #HandsOffCyprus via
Across the UK, people have been emailing their local MPs and urging them to demand that Turkey takes its hands off Cyprus. The #HandsOffCyprus campaign is in full swing and people have been emailing their MPs to condemn Turkey’s illegal and aggressive actions in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), as well as urging them to speak out against Turkey’s unacceptable demands regarding a solution to the Cyprus issue, for example, on the issue of security and guarantees. In the latest round of negotiations to reunify the island, Turkey insisted that it have ‘the right to unilateral intervention’ after a solution to the Cyprus issue. It also insisted on keeping its troops on the island.
MPs from Aberdeen and all the way down to Plymouth have received emails about the latest developments in Cyprus. The map shows the geographical spread of emails that have been sent as part of the #HandsOffCyprus campaign in the last few weeks.
So far, over 46% of MPs (304 MPs) have been contacted by their constituents about Cyprus and we would like to thank all those who have supported the campaign already. Many MPs are beginning to reply to the emails and people are sending the responses they have received from their MPs to us, if you would like to do the same, you can email us at[email protected]
We’ve made it simple and easy to email your MP through our website: Our website will find your MP, their contact details and prepare a template email – it takes less than 30 seconds and can make a big difference for Cyprus! Please share this message and ask friends and family to also email their local MP, so we can make even more of an impact.
Our community needs to make its voice heard on the crucial issue of Security and Guarantees. We need to urge our MPs, Government and Opposition Parties to publicly speak out against Turkey’s unacceptable demands and insist that Turkey to takes its hands off Cyprus.
These campaigns can make a difference – recently, after 1 week of pressure from MPs & Opposition parties, the Europe Minister, on behalf of the Foreign Office, responded to our open letter regarding Turkey’s recent illegal incursion into the Republic of Cyprus’ EEZ, saying “we oppose [Turkey’s] plans to drill”, after they had not explicitly done so.
You could also use the following text to text your friends and family or tweet/post Facebook:
It’s been 45 years since Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus! Please send our pre-prepared email to your MP asking them to speak up for Cyprus –